1.)    How far in advance should I order my special occasion cake?


 •In order for Jaqki’s Cake Creations to give your cake the special attention it deserves and because all our cakes are baked fresh we only take a certain amount of orders for each day.  We make no exceptions in taking over our quota.  We suggest you order your special cake at least 2-3 weeks in advance to insure your special date and time of delivery is saved for you.


  1. Call now to reserve your special date and time (818) 769-4967

     2.)    Does Jaqki’s Cake Creations have a brochure or catalog of the different types and styles of cakes?

  1. Yes and our bakery has  75 wedding cake displays and hundreds of photos of previous cakes we have made to choose from.  However, if you have one specific idea in mind and have a picture, please feel free to bring it and all of your ideas with you when you come for your specialized consultation appointment.

   3.) What are Jaqki’s Cake Creations hours of operation?

  1. We are a specialized, individual bakery and work by appointment only.  We generally take appointments Tuesdays through Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays  in between our regular weekend deliveries.  If your appointment is scheduled on a weekend it is imperative that you arrive Promptly, on time and as scheduled, otherwise we may not be able to spend the individual time you deserve.  However, our first priority is to concentrate on the current day’s bride’s wedding so it is as special and perfect as you would want yours.  Please be respectful of these requirements and understand that we will make your future day a priority just as well.          

    4.) Does  Jaqki’s Cake Creations use fresh flowers?

  1. Yes, if your desires are to have fresh flowers incorporated into your cake we will be happy to work with your florist in order to have the flowers match your table centerpieces or in your bouquets to enhance the table as well as your cake.


    5.)  I have a very specific color in mind for my theme is it possible to use the same colors?

• Yes,  all Jaqki would need is a color swatch and we can match your colors to the best of our abilities and as close as possible.  Keep in mind that dark colors such as royal blues, purples and blacks will turn your mouth and teeth that color.  Also, when feeding the cake to one another, be very careful as to not spill any on light colored clothing such as your white wedding dress or tuxedo as these dark colors stain and cannot be removed.  If a swatch is not available, a piece of ribbon in your specialized color is also acceptable and can be used.


   6.)  What is Jaqki’s Cake Creations ordering policy?

•Jaqki’s Cake Creations only takes a certain number of orders each week, because of this specialized service we require a non-refundable deposit to hold your specific date and time.  If the event is canceled and we cannot re-book the date and time with another client your deposit will not be refunded.  However, should we be able to re-book the date and time with another special event we will be happy to refund your deposit.


    7.)    Jaqki’s Cake Creations does not want to lose what has always been a trademark of our company’s success…. Personalized & Individual service.  Today’s world is full of the latest technology that is supposed to save time for us.  Unfortunately, we have found that e-mailing has taken much more time out of our day and is a lot less personal than a in person meeting or speaking on the phone.  Therefore, we do not list our e- mail address. Please fell free to call us at (818) 769-4967 for any type of information or questions you might have.


We hope that these frequently asked questions have been helpful.  If you have other specific questions or ones that are not listed on this page please feel free to contact Jaqki at your convenience and she will be more than happy to discuss them with you.  (818) 769-4967



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